Since our founding in 2005, we have been committed to maintaining the legacy of the traditional cuisine of Mexico – the Mexico where everything traditionally authentic, like our mole paste, is made with care, hands and feeling.

For this reason, the exquisite taste of our mole paste is defined not only by our recipe inherited three generations ago but also by its process which is produced in small batches using traditional methods and by the quality of the ingredients which are all sourced locally in a sustainable manner.

We don’t limit ourselves to a single recipe for a single occasion. Instead, we look to create the occasion because, for generations, this has always been mole’s role in our families and on our tables – to turn every occasion into a memorable celebration.

Our uncompromising quality, attention to detail and respect for tradition, captures our identity and fundamental beliefs. It is something that we are profoundly commited to and is one of our deeply-rooted philosophies.

We are based in the valley of Oaxaca, the land of the seven moles, a place whose culinary importance and richness is due to the myriad of ingredients used in its natural culinary universe and the infinite ways in which these are prepared. This is due to the influence of multiple indigenous communities that inhabit our state. Our cuisine has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

In these lands we believe. In these lands we were born and raised surrounded by the beauty of its landscapes, captivated by the colors, aromas and flavors of its markets and by the coming and going of its people, celebrations and traditions.

This scenery and a genuine passion for flavor and tradition motivate and inspire us to offer handcrafted moles that capture the essence and legacy of our people’s cuisine.