Red Mole

Mole Rojo

Red Mole

Our red mole gets its color and light sting due to the perfect ripeness of the “guajillo” and “ancho” chiles. The delicate balance in flavors that are afforded by the spices like cinnamon, pepper and cumin make this mole a perfect addition to accompany beef cuts, cheeses, eggs that together contribute to magnificent culinary creations.

Net WT: 12 oz (340 g)

Servings per container: 6

Ingredients: Ancho chili, huajillo chili, chili, canola eatable oil, salt, plantain, sesame seed, fried garlic, onion, thyme, clove, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, oregano, fried peanut, walnut, raisin, almonds, sugar, sodium benzoate as a preservative. Does not contain artificial colors and flavors.