Grilled Octopus with mole

Grilled Octopus with mole
50 min 4 portions


For the mole sauce

  • 1 pack of Black Mimole paste
  • 1 cup of tomato sauce
  • 2 cups of your choice of broth (chicken, beef, pork, vegetable)

For the recipe

  • 3 pounds cleaned octopus
  • 5 rosemary branches
  • 4 bay leafs
  • 4 thyme branches
  • 20 peppercorns
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 head of garlic cut in half through its equator
  • 1 onion
  • 4 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil


  1. 1. Prepare the mole sauce following the directions on the label.
  2. Combine the octopus, bay leaf, 1 rosemary branch, thyme, peppercorns, 1-teaspoon salt and the garlic in a saucepan along with water to cover. Turn the heat to medium, cover, and bring to a boil. Adjust the heat so that the liquid simmers slowly and cook until the octopus is tender, 30 to 90 minutes (check with the point of a sharp knife). Drain, discarding all the solids (except for the octopus) and allow the octopus to come to room temperature.
  3. Start a charcoal or wood fire or preheat a gas grill; the fire should be quite hot and the grill rack about 4 inches from the heat source. Cut the octopus into large serving pieces, brush it with half the olive oil, and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Grill it quickly, so that the outside browns before the inside dries out.
  4. When done, serve the octopus over a layer of Mimole sauce and garnish with the remained rosemary branches